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Business contents

Business contents

Introduction and Sales of system & products combined with infection control knowledge

Since establishing our company in 1993, we have been selling and marketing our infection control related systems and products which are along with our experience and operation knowledge based upon our lots of our many domestic introduction,and already well-operated in USA and European countries as infection control advanced ones to many medical facilities and hospitals including a small clinic.

We could call this "Infection Control based Business" or "Knowledge Based Marketing".

Consulting of infection control

Infection control products can meet the expectation of the infection control only after it unites with the operation knowledge.

Morain Corp. couldn't sell infection control as it is only a product itself, but with a hearing of the current situation for each medical facilities and hospitals we could have a consulting so as they could do a suitable infection control.

And we could also propose a infection control including a execution support as we call it "Total Solution of Infection Control".

The chaining of infection control, the more effects will be active & optimized.

Healthcare Associated Infection Seminar Planning & Management as a countermeasure of infection control

We have been planning & managed a seminar & a short course which we could invite a specialist from foreign countries for a doctor and nurse regularly.

We could think that our important mission is not only delivering promptly the newest overseas information to Japanese hospital and institutions,but also how we could coordinate the information to them.

Management site

Infection Control Knowledge Site
In "MICKS" (Moraine Corporation Infection Control Knowledge Site ) the following contents regarding infection control are delivered.
JHI(Journal of Hospital Infection): We could have a possession of the extract translation right, and the Japanese version could be delivered exclusively (every month).
The nationwide research concerning Nosocomial Infection:The nationwide survey (It is the 3rd this year) concerning nosocomial infection is executed to more than 3,000 patients, and the report based on the investigation result is delivered while exchanging the secular distortion with free of charge (every month).
PPE Navigation: That could navigate a customer to a correct selection method and how to take on and off PPE properly & easily according to treatment and the usage.

Online Shopping Site
Moraine On-line Shopping Site
It is available for you to purchase many professional items which are all conformed with international safety standard, for example, PPE (Gloves, Masks, Apron, Gown & Safety Eyewear etc.), with that.
That could meet to a request of purchase from personal use among a health care worker of clinic & nursing home.


We are always searching for excellent products related to infection control from all over the world. Please feel free to contact us.