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Our Concept

Patients hospitalized with illness or injury may contact another pathogen within the hospital, which puts them in even greater danger, or at times, even proves to be fatal.

Health care workers endeavoring to save patient's lives are being exposed to the risk of infection every day.

Why do such unreasonable situations have to exist?

What if we were family to patients or health care workers?

Our company started with these very simple questions in mind.

What is real safety sought by patients, and what is real protection that allows health care workers to concentrate on their patients?

The Moraine Corporation, acting under the concept of “what we as infection control professionals can do for patients and health care workers”, will give our best to deliver safety and reliability suited for the 21st century.

Social Responsibility

Infection control products will only meet expectations when they are united with their application know-how.

The Moraine Corporation will not sell products simply as goods.

We want to deliver the products together with the know-how of their application, and propose a wide-reaching total package.

Infection control is at times referred to as a “chain”.

Moraine Corporation will contribute to the enhancement of the following medical services, in order to fulfill our social responsibility.

  • The protection of patients’ and health care workers’ safety
  • The support of risk control in hospital management
  • The reduction of medical expenses

Our Goals

Whether hospitals are large or small, the risk of infection exists just the same.

We at the Moraine Corporation believe that superior infection control should not be based on the scale of the hospital.

It should be adapted to high-risk stations, procedures, and actions, and this will ultimately lead to the benefit of patients seeking safe medical care.

We have defined this as the “popularization of infection control”, and will propose infection control systems, developed in answer to the various medical institutions’ infection control levels and risks, in package form.

Our goal is to realize the same level of safe infection control in all institutions, from local clinics to large hospitals.


The Popularization of Infection Control

  • Hospital Infections break out regardless of the size of the hospital
  • Infection control should be applied depending on the risk of treatment regardless of the size of the hospital
  • Patients must receive the same level of infection control regardless of the size of the hospital (from the local clinic to the University Hospital

The Popularization of Infection Control

Chain of infection

When our line of infection control products and their application know-how are introduced in total (to form a chain), their effectiveness will be increased and the cost per item lowered.

Control that is linked together to form a chain is far more effective at preventing further infection


We are always searching for excellent products related to infection control from all over the world. Please feel free to contact us.