Moraine Corporation is a leading company of consulting and sales concerning Infection Control of Japan. Please feel free to contact us,if you are interested in our company.


To all manufactures of Infection Prevention Products,

Since Moraine's founding 1993, we have been dedicated to the task of Improving Infection Prevention Practices – not only through selling products, but providing complete consulting solutions to our customers.

Our business began 17 years with our first partnership with a company from England; today Moraine has grown our business to include 20 of some of the most advanced medical products across the globe and has helped us become one of Japan's largest distributors of Infection Prevention Equipment. Our current product line includes brands from The United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Selling is only the first step in helping save lives from infections. We created an innovative system that categories products based on their role in protecting against the spread of infections. This system, named the "Infection Prevention Chain" (IPC) , emphasizes the importance using a variety of methods to prevent against Healthcare Associated Infections.

We are always looking for innovative and effective products – let us start working together to save lives today.

Tsuneki Kusaba President

Tsuneki Kusaba
President Moraine Corporation


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Infection administrative information site

Moraine Corporation Infection Control Knowledge Site "MICKS"
You could see many the newest information concerning the infection control as follows; The latest medicine magazine, Investigation reports of Nosocomial infection etc. including an important infection control countermeasures.

Infection administrative information site

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