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President's Message

Our company was founded on the fundamental value of trust and each day we strive to realize this value in all that we do.

We hold ourselves responsible for gaining the trust of patients and hospital workers in our ability to deliver infection control products of the highest quality.

To do this we base our relationships with manufacturers, patients and hospital staff on complete transparency of information regarding infection control products,drawing on our deep knowledge and experience of the Japanese market to do so.

Our aim is not simply to make infection control products more widely available but to instill in hospital staff and patients a greater awareness of infection control issues and procedures, leading ultimately to an improvement in the health culture in hospitals and clinics.

Our Name

moraine: geologic term for terrain halting glaciers to give birth to large lakes...
proceeding slowly but surely, to eventually form a deep, clear lakes.

Moraine corporation is an organization that distributes and ensures that infection control materials can be made readily available in Japanese Society, halting the risk of infection.


We are always searching for excellent products related to infection control from all over the world. Please feel free to contact us.