Monosol AF Ltd.

Julian Caruana

Technical Service and Development Manager
Monosol AF Ltd.

私が初めてモレーンコーポレーションの創設者である草場恒樹氏とお会いしたのは1993年の春です。当時モレーンコーポレーションを設立しようとしていた草場氏と、Aquafilm社(2004年にMonosol AF社に変更)に入社したばかりの私は 共にアクアフィルムランドリーバッグの日本における市場拡大に取り組みました。以来何年にもわたり数多くの忙しくも楽しい訪日や、Monosolができるサポートの一環として、感染対策スペシャリストの英国訪問のお手伝いなどを行ってきました。


Monosol was founded in 1953 in Portage Indiana USA and is now the world’s leading producer of water soluble films with production sites both in Indiana and Worcestershire in the UK. Our films are used in the fabrication of such diverse products as Aquafilm Laundry bags; TraySafe instrument bags; unit dose packages of detergents, chemicals, food additives and, fibres; polarising filters; automotive components; construction materials and dust abatement systems. We have a large and growing development team working on ever more exciting products utilising our water soluble film processing expertise.

In the spring of 1993 I first met Mr Tsuneki Kusaba, the founder of Moraine Corporation. At that time I was quite new to Aquafilm (which became Monosol AF in 2004) and Mr Kusaba was about to found his company. Together we begin the task of developing a market for Aquafilm Laundry bags in Japan. Over the years that have passed since then I have had many enjoyable and hard working visits to Japan as well as hosting visits to the UK from concept control specialists, as part of Monosol’s support of this task. It has been a great pleasure to see Moraine Corporation grow and diversify and to feel that I had a small part in this development.