Univet s.r.l.

Gianpiero Giuliano

Export Manager
Univet s.r.l.
Univet s.r.l.


1997年にエンジニアであるArmando Portesiにより設立され、イタリア北部の自社工場より世界40ヶ国へ展開、その輸出売上高は実に総売上の50%に達するまでに成長をしております。 この驚くべき結果は、洗練されたイタリアンデザインとリサーチ、そして製品の高い品質がもたらしたものです。


コンスタントなリサーチ、柔軟性、そして常に適切な規格への準拠を期待する市場の要求を理解し、それに応える能力と、優れた快適性とパフォーマンスを追求した革新的でよりよくデザインされたソリューションの提供が、 Univetをリーダーへと押し上げております。


5年前からのモレーンとのすばらしい協力関係は、共有しているミッションに基づいています。それは、危険な物質や材料への暴露を伴う状況や作業における、従業員のパフォーマンスのサポートと労働環境の向上です。 モレーンは常に良きパートナーであり、強力な日本市場の知識、価値ある関係を約束してくれます。


ジャンピエロ ジュリアノ
エクスポートマネジャ Univet s.r.l.

Univet is a modern Company specialized in the design and manufacture of magnification systems and industrial, medical, and laser safety eyewear (PPE).

Founded in 1997 by Eng. Armando Portesi, we have grown and from our own production site in Northern Italy, we export in forty Countries all over the world, with a share up to 50% of the global turnover: extraordinary results rewarding Italian design, research and products’ quality.

Among the first companies to introduce the concept of sport and design eyewear into the safety field, Univet assigns the majority of investments in the Research and Development Department, assuring innovative and hi-tech products. Ergonomic studies of shapes, extreme care in planning and design mark these products out with a unique combination of safety, comfort and style.

Constant research, total flexibility, ability to understand and to follow market requests always respecting the compliance with the expected requirements, make Univet a leader in its sectors thanks to its innovative and well-designed solutions, aimed to superior comfort and performances.

Our Quality Management System is recognized by the ISO 9001:2008 Certification for all departments of the Company, confirming an ongoing commitment to improve the monitoring of the internal company processes, from customer satisfaction to the management of the assembly line.

The successful cooperation with Moraine, started 5 years ago, is based on the mission the companies share: to improve workers conditions, supporting their performances in critical situations or activities exposed to dangerous substances and materials. In doing this Moraine has always been the perfect partner assuring us a strong knowledge of the Japanese market and a valuable relationship.

Best regards,

Gianpiero Giuliano
Export Manager Univet s.r.l.